Dragon Age: Inquisition is BioWare’s first next generation foray as they use DICE’s acclaimed Frostbite 3 Engine, which has also built Battlefield 4. Other than the new engine, this will be the first Dragon Age game to have massive environments which allow you to derive your path and have realistic weather effects. Much like previous Dragon Age games, BioWare will be focusing on the story and the world’s reactions to your decisions in the narrative; BioWare have promised that “your choices will forever change the Dragon Age” on their main website. With an impressive graphical engine, massive environments, and Dragon Age‘s accomplished dialogue systems, Inquisition is one of OnlySP’s Most Anticipated titles of 2014.

The Vision

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks impressive through its new Frostbite 3 Engine, world altering decisions, and combat systems implemented into the game. In an interview with Eurogamer, the producer of the game, Cameron Lee, explained that the graphical difference from previous games to Inquisition will be “huge.” Continuing on, he told Eurogamer that “when you walk

through mud, the mud builds up on the leg, then if you’re in a fight, blood goes on top of the mud.” In addition, he stated that the game  is “a lot richer, and there’s more depth to it. We can put more things on screen. There are more NPCs. There is more life to the world.” What is the most exciting feature of Dragon Age: Inquisition is its huge environments that “when you walk around a corner there’s suddenly something interesting and cool there that you didn’t know about” when going through foliage and trees.

For those who worry that the existence of the last generation versions will downgrade the visuals of Inquisition, Lee has expressed that they are working on the next generation version “first and foremost” and “then [they’re] looking at ways of how [they] can bring that down to [older] platforms.” However, the producer of the game also outlined that the team at BioWare Edmonton “won’t be limiting anything [on previous generation hardware] because [they] don’t want the significant number of people who will still [play on those systems] to feel cheated.”

Despite its beauty, Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s large landscapes are going to wow players with how it is altered by their actions. According to the official Dragon Age website, you can “raise structures, customize outposts, and change the landscape itself as environments are re-shaped in the wake of your Inquisition.” A trailer entitled, “A World Unveiled” also mentions that you have the choice to save a village or let it burn. You will be able to physically change your own personal world of Dragon Age: Inquisition and that to me, is a next generation idea.

The Gameplay

Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature a revamped combat system that both strategic and action players should like. Mike Laidlaw, the creative director of Inquisition, told Game Informer, that they “want to give players the tools to act as a co-ordinated team” and the environment will play more of a feature in combat with collapsible pillars or being able smash through a barricade. The player will also be able to dodge roll and manoeuvre around shields. Players can also use a grapple attack on these shielded enemies so they can disable them for a few seconds. The combat in previous Dragon Age games has not felt very fluid and Inquisition seems to change that.

The team at BioWare also want to have the combat feel more timing-focused than previous titles. For example, when the staff at PlayStation Magazine UK played the game, they mentioned that you can “[drop] an ice wall to separate a mage from his minions, then wizards[sic] away the mage’s defences so the Inquisitor can cut him down.” One thing to note as well is that the overhead tactical view from the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins will be returning to Inquisition for all versions of the game, which is a welcome feature for those who love to play strategically. For those not familiar with this camera system, it allows you to freeze the action, and conduct your battle plan from an above angle. If you are action heavy, on the other hand, Inquisition will offer a third person view.

dragon age open world

The Story

In this Dragon Age sequel, you play as the Inquisitor, a figurehead in the land of Thedas who acts as a leader to quell the turmoil of the world. In a quick synopsis, Thedas is under immense danger as a tear between the worlds of the Fade and Thedas appears in the sky, bringing dangerous dragons into the once peaceful land. In addition, the Mages and the Templars are in an all-out war after many years of squabbling in the previous games in the series – the nations of Thedas are in all out war. However, the Inquistor’s main goal is to find the one behind the rip in the sky and ultimately close it.

To help you in this quest, you will have nine companions who can have a complex relationship with your character and potentially become a romantic partner. Just like past Dragon Age games, whatever you say to them or decide on your quest will alter their opinions about your Inquisitor. Overall, BioWare have teased on the official Dragon Age website that you will be able to “shape the course of empires, bring war or peace to factions in conflict, and drive the ultimate fate of the Inquisition” and I cannot wait to make the difficult decisions awaiting in Inquisition.


Dragon Age: Inquisition is set to amaze RPG fans with its massive Frostbite 3 powered environments, new combat systems, and a complex story that, based on your decisions, can “shape the course of empires, bring war or peace to factions in conflict, and drive the ultimate fate of the Inquisition.” Dragon Age: Inquisition, one of our Most Anticipated games of this year, will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 later this Fall.

Chris Penwell
Chris Penwell is an editor who loves an engaging story and interesting combat within games. Previously writing for PlayStation Euphoria, Chris is a fan of most Sony Computer Entertainment titles including Uncharted, The Last of Us, and even White Knight Chronicles but he is open to all platforms. His ultimate goal is to go to E3 and interview the developers who have created the games he has loved throughout the 15 past years of his gaming experiences. His most anticipated games include Kingdom Hearts III, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Division, Final Fantasy XV, and Destiny.

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    1. The keep building thing sold me on this game. I’m so excited to play this–now I just need a real release date, lol.

      1. It should be arriving for the Christmas season.

        1. They have already announced it will be in fall Q3. Which is july -september

          1. Thanks for the info. Great news.

          2. wait.. .they haven’t announced Q3, they merely said fall… which in terms of economics is Q3, but in terms of everyone else, it’s anything between September and December. Where did you see an exact announcement of q3?

            1. Bit late for me to get back to you… lol. But i’d say we are resolved now.
              Nov. 18th can’t wait.

    2. I cant trust bioware anymore, sorry.

    3. Varicks glorious chest-hair is going to glisten in the sun like the mane of a lion. I can’t wait till Dragon Age arrives!

    4. Eh.Others such as Angry Joe say it’s the Witcher 3.
      Not sure if Bioware can overcome the negativity caused by the ME3 endings and DA2.
      A lot of acrimony directed by certain fans at them and as lot of acrimony directed by some of the developers at the fans. Rather sad. The fans are customers after all, not just irritants.
      If they really want to have success even approaching Skyrim, I feel that is out of their reach. Especially without a toolkit for pc players.But all this is just my opinion.

      I wouldn’t mind if the game was a big success.It would be good for the industry.

    5. Haha. I have no doubt this will be the best game of the year regardless of DA2. Will also be getting the witcher 3 see which one is better im leaning in DA Inquisition though.

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