Well, for those of you looking for a big RPG this year to play while you wait for The Witcher 3, it looks like Dragon Age: Inquisition should satisfy your appetite for quite a while.

According to a new interview with Angry Joe at E3 2014, Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature over 100 hours of content, with 40-50 hours of that being the game’s narrative. You can see the full quote from producer Cameron Lee just below:

For the open world stuff, just getting lost in the world, [you can expect] a hundred hours, easily. In addition to that, there’s the Bioware storytelling; that’s like you know, 40-50 hours of narrative, meaty kind of stuff. There’s surely enough content to get lost and explore much.

Lee also talked about the open world structure of the game, noting that it’s not a game where you can start at the top of a snow top covered mountain and five minutes later reach a barren desert. To make their world “open”, the team has crafted a number of different areas that he describes as “massive open world areas, which each one being unique”. Each area will feel and play different according to Lee.

Another detail that he provided that I was actually wondering about myself is just how many dragons would actually be in the game? Considering the fights against dragons weren’t exactly a prominent feature in the past two games, I’m happy to report that Lee confirmed there is currently 20 or so different dragons in the game. As we previously reported, when fighting dragons you can target specific parts of their bodies to make the battle a bit more strategic.

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  1. I want to come across a frozen Dragon and see Sandal standing next to it.

    1. i want to find the rock man statue again and kick ass with him ..:) i know its bad but do you remember when he stamped on the bird…hahaha! it was crazy just out the blue ..lol I was like what the?

  2. I saw the 2 min trailer, the 3-second action clips remind me of fable which is nice and fluid. The promised 100 hrs of gameplay sounds nice too, but I’m skeptical they will produce DA:O quality plot/characters/depth.

  3. Enchantment?

  4. make T -A -MAT Dragon with 5 heads. In dungeouns and dragons cartoon )
    And sea monster squid

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