Announced back in September, Dragon Age III: Inquisition was then slated to release towards the tail end of 2013. Specific launch platforms were not mentioned, but the timeframe was enough make a few think that it would be headed for the next generation. If Superannuation’s latest find is any indication, this is indeed the path that Bioware has chosen to take with the latest game in their highly acclaimed medieval fantasy RPG series. The news was unearthed in the LinkedIn profile of an EA Shanghai employee (since removed) that intimated that the “scope of Dragon Age III has changed, and it is now planned for next-generation consoles.” This came alongside the revelation that it has been “postponed” until 2014, though this may not equate to any huge delay.

With the game said to be looking to Skyrim for inspiration, as well as an impressive focus on customisation and a few new mechanics, a longer development cycle is most welcome, especially since the let-down that most considered Dragon Age II to be. A move to the next generation should help to see the potential in these improvements, and the Frostbite 2 engine should give it a veneer of sheer beauty. Of course, this news doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being cross-generational, especially in light of the fact that it should follow Bioware’s trend of allowing players to import their previous save files to tailor elements of the narrative to the history that each individual player has crafted. In either case, we’ll keep you updated if this is confirmed (or debunked).

Damien Lawardorn
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