Developer Double Fine has come out and revealed the release dates for the beta and full releases of the first act of their upcoming title, Broken Age (previously known as Double Fine Adventures).

If you pledged $15 or more to the game’s kickstarter, you get exclusive access to the beta, which opens up sometime next week. If you missed out, you can look forward to the first act of Broken Age on January 28th. The second act is only known to be available sometime in Spring.


Originally intended to be released in the November of 2012, the point-and-click title Double Fine Adventures (DFA) vanished, with the developers only stating that the kickstarter (which had raised over 3 million dollars) was not enough to cover the costs of development. At VGX late last year, Broken Age was revealed to be the resurrection of DFA, and turned more than a few heads.


For everything Broken Age, be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP.



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