Ouch, looks like you’ll be waiting for DOOM footage for quite a while.

Pete Hines, in speaking with PC Gamer has made it clear that the footage Quakecon attendees were shown is the only time anyone will see the game until 2015. This was already hinted at before hand with the Quakecon reveal, but it has now been confirmed.


Hines told PC Gamer, “I try really, really hard for this to be a dev first, dev-lead thing. “We’re working with [id Software] to say, ‘How does this work? What do we want to show?’ And they’re like, ‘Look, we don’t want a stream to go up for a game that isn’t at the point where we would formally show it to the world, and now that thing is getting picked apart, and digested, and gone through frame-by-frame and getting nitpicked to death, when normally we wouldn’t be showing this to anybody at all.'” He continued on to note that 2015 would normally be when they would show the game.

Surprising enough, there have been no leaks from the event so that should give you an idea of just how tight security was for media equipment. Essentially, the developers needed a confidence boost in their product and that is why they decided to show the game off at Quakecon. From the sounds of it, they’re doing a good job so far and don’t have a whole lot to worry about.

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  1. I guess the beta code for Doom I received with Wolfenstein: The New Order won’t be useful for quite a long time.

    1. Ha yea, that was just a marketing tool to get extra pre-orders, and it worked. But, Wolfenstein was a great game so no harm done there.

      1. did it sell though? i cant find any statements anywhere ,hope it gets a sequel.

  2. Hope there’s some decent story behind the single player campaign since I LOVED DooM 3, and I sincerely expected a continuation of the story a la DooM II Hell on Earth, but we’ll see next year.

    1. you care about story in doom?

      1. Yes Dakan, shooting people or demons fo the sake of it was fun when the original DooM came out, but since I’ve become a big boy since then and DooM 3 was pretty much what I wanted in terms of gameplay, atmosphere and story, I would like more of it. For example, the latest Quake was a bit bland in terms of story and tone, it didn;t really gave me a sense of urgency to keep making holes in Strogg soldiers…

        1. …..

          Now if you ask the fans everyone will tell you that both doom 3 and quake 4 sucked nof for their story but their subpar gameplay.

          I aprecciate stroy too, eg wolfenstein new order does it very well, but its the gameplay that matters.

          1. Thanks for the reply Dakan, personally I would prefer equal measures of story and gameplay, but at least we agree on 50% of what would make the game awesome. Although I haven’t played Wolfenstein: The New Order because my gaming lapto isn’t powerful enough I watched/read all the reviews I could get my hands on, so I expect that game to be an indicative from things to come.

          2. I can’t remember playing Quake 4… its possible it fell into that PC pre-upgrade black hole…
            I enjoyed Wolfenstein – it reminded me of No One Lives Forever 2. Not the best game but with its own personality that pulls you through the more generic moments

          3. wolfenstein is oldchool you can shoot enemies without having to aim down the sights or worry about moving, but the assault rifle and the smg lose accuracy as you fire them, still you can just run around and jump and shoot, aiming is just there its not needed.

            It has a upgrade system similar to most games, but you get the upgrades by completing challenges, simple stuff headshot here and there, its nice.

            The levels are nonlinear and there are secrets to find plus hidden rooms with gold and such items, there is a map, yes a map and you can carry all weapons at once but there arent that many, its a game that draws inspirations from games like half life, fear, soldier of fortune and such in its level design and gameplay, the cutsenes and voice acting are reallly good.

            You start by shooting nazis and in the end you kill robonazies in space, if that sounds good to you, well thats what the game is about, but it takes its story very seriously.

          4. Thanks for the info Dakan, I’ll be sure to pick it up when I upgrade my gaming rig.

  3. godamn it

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