Headlining this month’s Game Informer magazine is a cover article about the new DOOM reboot, due out this spring. A user over at NeoGAF has shared some information that describes some story and mechanical details about the newest entry in the venerable FPS franchise, all included in the Game Informer cover story.

Details revealed by NeoGAF user Kinasthete suggest the game will have a plot similar to DOOM 3 in which “a character named Dr. Olivia Pierce appears on a video suggesting she unleashed the demons as some kind of religious cult thing.” However mechanical details revealed in the thread have people believing the game may handle more like the first two DOOM games, which seems to be a generally welcome bit of information for old-school fans of the series. The game once again takes place in Hell, which is “more verticle than the UAC facility.”

Oh and the enemy encounters are described as a “demon avalanch” and a “bloodbath.” Nice.

Another well-received aspect of the game is that colored keycards and backtracking in order to find secrets are returning to the series, adding an element of exploration and openness to the experience.

Some other details revealed include removing the iconic BFG and chainsaw from the weapon wheel “since they’re used in specific scenarios.” The Game Informer article says that the BFG will be used more as a “panic button;” the chainsaw will be a one-hit kill on smaller enemies (larger enemies like the Mancubus will require multiple hits) and power cells are limited; there will be permanent character upgrades that will allow you to swap weapons and mantle more quickly and increase your ammo and health supply; swappable runes/perks that boost your abilities; modable weapons; enemies with weak points (armored in the front and soft in the butt, for example); and many more.

Check out the thread here for more information including some multiplayer details and look for the article in Game Informer’s February edition. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) for more information about DOOM as it becomes available.

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