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The Stadia version of Doom Eternal will not be running in true 4K resolution, despite claims from Bethesda made last year.

Bethesda has released the specifications for each version of the Doom sequel, stating that the game “will run at 1080p @60 FPS on HD displays and up-sample to 2160p from 1800p @60 FPS on 4K displays.” As clarified by IGN, a true 4K resolution needs to run with an HDR display of about 4,000 pixels (or 3840 x 2160). However, the game will run only up-sample to 3200 x 1800 on 4K displays, which is an artificial way to hit 4K resolution.

Last year, the official Doom Twitter account announced that the game would support 4K.

Id Software head Marty Stratton also promised that the game would be “capable of running at true 4K resolution” during a Google Stadia GDC presentation from last year.

Bethesda has not commented with an explanation for the change.

OnlySP’s Richard Flint said his most anticipated game of 2020 is Doom Eternal and added that “no other game has had the same satisfying and de-stressing effect of Doom.” Doom Eternal launches on March 20.

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