Doom Eternal

Selling DOOM Eternal is easy; the game’s primary new feature is a demon-grappling shotgun called the meat hook, for crying out loud.

What is DOOM Eternal?

DOOM found its place in the modern gaming space in 2016, and its sequel, DOOM Eternal, is sure to be no different.

With the first entry paving the way back in 1993, DOOM has remained influential for nearly three decades. FPS games such as DOOM and Duke Nukem introduced gamers to the concept of relentless first-person fun, thus blasting open the doors for many others to join. Call of Duty nor even Fallout would exist without Id Software’s early ‘90s interactive masterpiece.

Sadly, after making its name as a landmark in gaming history, DOOM took a backseat and saw a quality dip in the 2000s Though first-person shooting through Hell started back in 1993, the revitalized series reinvented the mix of adrenaline-fueled gore with the 2016 release.

As the gaming landscape changed throughout the years, the idea of what DOOM could promise did too. Changing the game for FPSs in the ‘90s was easy because no game was yet present to change. The 2016 DOOM reinvention took the original concept of blowing demons back to Hell and turned everything up a notch. Metal music fueled every encounter and was a decision that fit like body armor. Enemy designs painted a nostalgic picture that still felt fresh, especially when every new enemy was eventually ripped apart with glorious gore. Even the gameplay saw a bit of a facelift. Not only did the fast-paced action return, but now players were incentivized to stay in the middle of danger thanks to the new glory kill mechanic. DOOM was back.

Why are we excited (as Hell)?

Developed by the same studio that created the first DOOM, Id Software, Eternal promises to keep up the momentum carried by the decades of franchise history. The previously mentioned glory kills are back and bloody, and, as briefly touched on in the opening sentence, the meat hook makes its debut. Not only are fans getting more of something great, but Id has been growing as a studio since its inception.

Eternal will no doubt turn the notch up yet again if history is anything to go by, and the foundation is already there. Even the platforming, which managed to be surprisingly strong in 2016, has a chance to impress yet again.

To make the wait even more grueling is the way the game’s last trailer left off. Some bosses look to be stronger than ever, so Id has unleashed the idea of sword wielding into the Doom Slayer’s arsenal.

DOOM holds a warm place in the hearts and minds of players. Gamer or not, everyone has heard of DOOM. From the ominous one-word title to the feeling each individual gun carries with every shot, Doom holds history. The idea that franchises such as this can not only live on, but succeed and grow has fans on the edge of their seats.

Odds that DOOM Eternal is anything less than a solid sequel are low. What has everyone at OnlySP excited, though, is the idea that, with proper story balance and a bit of polish across the board, DOOM Eternal could easily be a game of the year contender when all is said and done. At the very least, the potential is present.

Of course, as with many games, words can only do so much justice. Check out DOOM Eternal’s first gameplay presentation above so you can be grappled into the pain of waiting just like us.

Doom EternalWhen can we play it?

DOOM Eternal has an unspecified release window of 2019.

Are you ready to return to the gory, demon-blasting action of Id’s genre-defining franchise? Drop us a comment below and make sure to come back tomorrow when we take a look at the latest game from one of the most respected developers on the planet.

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