We already discussed our excitement for Doom Eternal last year for its original release date… but it still looks to be one of the most brutal, fast-paced first-person shooters to hit stores in 2020.

Bethesda has had a relatively mixed response as of late, largely down to the dismal performance of Fallout 76. The release of Rage 2 also received some mixed reviews leaving many fans worried about the multiple delays in Doom Eternal’s release.

DOOM Eternal – Official E3 Story Trailer 0-27 screenshot

Fortunately, early previews and gameplay demos prove that the game is living up to insatiable hype leading up to the release. After personally playing the game during EGX 2019, I can safely say that the game is absolutely insane.

Back in 2016, id Software graced players with the release of Doom, a promising new take on the franchise. During a time of brilliant yet often overbearingly long and complex RPGs, Doom took players back to basics. Having Doomguy mercilessly reap his way across Mars was one of the most fun and empowering experiences of the decade. No other game has had the same satisfying and de-stressing effect of Doom.

Doom Eternal gameplay screenshot 1 trio

Doom Eternal once again allows players to kick ass against all the hapless demons of hell. Everything about the sequel takes the brilliance of the first game and adds to it. The combat feels sleeker, the movement is more fluent, and the soundtrack. The original score by Mick Gordon is a triumph in and of itself. One could watch the Doom Slayer execute a hundred demons and never grow tired with such a terrific backtrack. 

Hopefully, id Software can rise above Bethesda’s backlash and deliver another brilliant addition to the Doom franchise. Everything about the upcoming game feels polished and refined, justifying the unfortunate but necessary delays. Doom Eternal will burst onto PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One on March 20, 2020, and on Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

Richard Flint
Part of the UK team, Richard enjoys a bit of everything. From covering news, to meeting up with devs at events, Rich has done it all and loves every minute of it. No task is too big or too small and each new opportunity is a chance to grow as writer.

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    1. Bethesda……NO, ID Software……….Yes. We real gamer’s don’t forgive Bethesda for turning to the dark side of always online.

    2. I like how it’s 2020 and people still confuse publishers and developers, this is not “Bethesda’s only chance to make a comeback” This is just Id releasing another great DOOM game, nothing new.

      If you want Bethesda’s “only chance” for a comeback, wait for Starbound or Elder Scrolls VI.

      1. Except the article is referring to Bethesda as a publisher, as you can tell by the reference to RAGE 2. Seems like you’re the one confusing the two.

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