DONTNOD Entertainment has released the second of its four-part webseries giving gamers insight into the creative process behind the upcoming action-RPG Vampyr.

Entitled DONTNOD Presents Vampyr – ‘Episode 2: Architects of the Obscure’, this second video gives gamers another look at exclusive gameplay footage as the creative team discusses the visuals and music used to immerse players in the game’s setting of 1918 London.

‘Episode 2: Architects of the Obscure’ reveals the game’s explorable areas of London: four districts, each with its own distinct style and unique community of citizens who will either flourish or perish depending on player actions. Whitechapel and the Docks are ravaged by poverty and crime, contrasting greatly with the West End, which benefits from a wealthier population. Pembroke Hospital allows doctor-turned vampire and protagonist Johnathan Reid the opportunity to utilize his medical skills, while at the same time tempting him with helpless citizens who have given him their ultimate trust as patients.

In addition to the game’s setting, the latest episode of the webseries delves into its music, with commentary from composer Olivier Deriviere. In the video, Deriviere explains how he developed Vampyr’s original score, holding in his mind consideration for the game’s particular setting and atmosphere, as well as the inner dilemma Jonathan Reid faces as he struggles with his vampiric curse and the remnants of his humanity. Additionally, the video features a performance from Eric-Maria Couturier of the Paris Ensemble InterContemporain, who drives Vampyr’s soundtrack as solo cellist with a unique style.

Set in 1918 London just after World War I, Vampyr is an action-RPG that places players in the shoes of Doctor Jonathan Reid, a man recently turned into a creature of the night. In a city weakened by conflict and ravaged by the Spanish Flu, gamers must balance the need to feed with the state of a deteriorating London. Players have the freedom to choose who to sacrifice and who to save, but each kill bears with it consequences that will affect the rest of the game.

Vampyr is scheduled for release sometime in the spring, but gamers who enjoyed the first two parts of the webseries can look forward to another two installments of DONTNOD Presents Vampyr over the next two weeks, with one video releasing each Thursday. Interested readers should be sure to check back next week for the third episode, and can view the first episode here if they missed it the first time around.

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