Dontnod has revealed that its upcoming gothic RPG Vampyr will have four endings, including one resulting from the player killing no one.

The studio behind the quantum-fueled and heartbreaking Life is Strange, Dontnod has been working on this RPG for some time now and promises a story filled with many moral choices that face players taking on the role of the titular creature of the night during the Spanish flu epidemic of London in 1918.

Speaking to VG24/7, Philippe Moreau, the game director of Vampyr, said “The sum of your decisions and experiences…will trigger very different endings,” and that the non-lethal ending is “a very hard challenge.”

Giving players this option is a wise move, as they must weigh their need to drink blood to survive against the taking of innocent life, offering a unique perspective through which to explore this gothic world. As a newly turned vampire, a former doctor, players are just as new to this world as their character, and in order to complete their personal quest of finding a cure for the vampiric disease, they will need to be strong or else very cunning in order to do so.

The leveling system itself is based on drinking blood, so if players forego that choice, they will be much weaker when confronted by vampire hunters and other enemies. Players can investigate NPCs before draining them in order to see which ones are deserving of death, but it is not a straight forward decision in any way, and there are consequences to those actions.

While precious little footage has been revealed of the game, Moreau said the studio plans to reveal a new gameplay video “in a few months,” and the title is still set to release in 2017. Vampires have enjoyed a Renaissance of sorts in popular culture as of late, and Dontnod seems to be bringing a new perspective, one of guilt and self-loathing from a protagonist who wishes to eradicate his affliction once and for all. Look for more details as the year goes on, and to pick up the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox One on release.

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