DONTNOD Entertainment, Focus Home Interactive

DONTNOD Entertainment, the French-based mastermind behind Life is Strange and Vampyr, has revealed the first art from its ambitious new project with publisher Focus Home Interactive.

Details thus far are light, but the first look at the title is evocative. The image, embedded below, appears to show a man overlooking a grey, overcast forest:

DONTNOD Entertainment, Focus Home Interactive

Just a few days ago, Focus Home stated the project is “intended to be among the most ambitious in the history of Focus and DONTNOD.” The pair enjoyed great success with Vampyr, which recently surpassed one million in sales and will be seeing a Switch version soon.

With this untitled project, DONTNOD will see the number of games in development go up to three. Life is Strange 2 is still trucking along, plus the team’s episodic mystery Twin Mirror is releasing this year.

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  1. Ha! It looks like…
    – open world
    – ARPG (like Vampyr)
    – still strong focus on story, its Dontnod
    – maybe some survival elements?
    – historical setting? For example wilderness in North America.. or some fantasy setting inspired by history?

    Interesting is that the art reminds me of this RPG.. also from Focus:

    1. Greedfall looks great. I hope it plays well, Spiders deserves a breakout hit at this point.

      1. I agree. I like their Mars games.

        Regarding Dontnod’s new IP, they relealed few words and I have one interesting insight.

        – The artwork for this IP is strikingly similar to artwork of Call of Cthulhu game from 2018. Is it coincidence? I think that Focus have licence for CoC for several years. So I dare to assume that this is Dontnod’s ambitious open world ARPG/adventure in Call of Cthulhu world.
        – Based on those words it seems that hero will go to some dreaded wilderness to uncover something there (artefact) or find someone.
        – Maybe it will be also inspired by Hellblade.

        Or they just trick us. :)

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