Massive Work Studio has provided OnlySP with the opportunity to share some exclusive screenshots of its sci-fi adventure game DOLMEN.

For anyone unaware, DOLMEN is a sci-fi action game that is currently taking a second attempt at crowdfunding via Kickstarter, where it has raised more than 50% of its initial goal in 24 hours. The game casts players as an astronaut who wakens on the far-distant, apparently dead world of Revion Prime and sets out to uncover its ancient mysteries.

The screenshots provided focus on combat, showing off some of the weapons, abilities, and enemies that players will face during their journey.

This first image provides a close-up view of one of the “organic” weapons that the protagonist will be able to use, in this case, an axe. The character strikes at an insectoid adversary—a Caniptei—in an environment that sees a fairly traditional science-fiction backdrop infested by biological growths.

Following on from the previous screenshot, this one again shows the protagonist striking at a Caniptei, which is shown in greater detail. Alongside the axe in the foreground, the viewer is able to more clearly see that the character is equipped with an organic shield. The bulbous growths are gone from the background, but some form of alien vines are in evidence.

The same backdrop and scenario recurs in this image, but viewers are this time treated to a more clear view of the shield.

Again, the shield is in full view in this screenshot, but the enemy has changed. This time, the player faces off against a humanoid adversary that the developers term a Sentinel. Nonetheless, the background remains largely similar, with the key difference being the absence of lights embedded in the floor.

This screenshot provides another clear look at the organic axe, this time raised in the midst of an energised jump. Another Sentinel prowls in the background. Dark blue and gunmetal grey continue to dominate the environment, but the different tiling on the floor and walls indicates a different location entirely to the previous images.

The Sentinel charges the protagonist, who raises his shield in defence. This battle appears to take place in a location not far removed from the previous, given the same floor tiling and industrial aesthetic. The bulbous growths also make a return, perhaps indicating that all of the locations witnessed so far are within a single facility.

This screenshot shows a marked change in the location. No sign of the metallic background is present, with the environment instead being completely overgrown by organic material. The protagonist also faces off against a much larger enemy than the previous ones, likely suggesting that it is either a boss or mini-boss version of the Caniptei.

This final image is radically different. The protagonist here uses a more traditional melee weapon, referred to as a driller in the promotional materials. The enemy is also unlike any of the others witnessed so far, having neither armour nor a carapace. Nevertheless, the masses of muscle suggest that this beast—called a Cutlowor—is no pushover.

If these screenshots have piqued your interest, be sure to watch OnlySP’s YouTube channel across the coming days, as Massive Work Studio has kindly provided us with a number of videos showing off further glimpses of the environments and enemies featured in the screenshots above. For more information on the game or to pledge your support, be sure to visit the Kickstarter page.

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