Following a failed crowdfunding attempt earlier this year, Massive Work Studio is taking its cosmic horror sci-fi action game Dolmen to Kickstarter again.

Speaking exclusively to OnlySP, the game’s producer, Pedro Bastos, spoke about the passion that has driven the team to try again:

“Dolmen is a project coming from our hearts. We knew if we did this we wanted to do it big. Dolmen is a BIG game coming from an indie studio displaying new mechanics and we are really proud of that. We are creating this game based on what we love and know our audience will enjoy. This is for them—our community. The people who have supported us and have been there to back us and provide feedback since day one. We need that same help one more time. We are going to make Dolmen a real game. This game deserves to be in the hands of the players.”

For this second effort, the developer is seeking to raise a minimum of USD$15,000—considerably less than the $90,000 asked for in the earlier campaign. With that funding, the team will be able to build the first chapter of the game. Meanwhile stretch goals will allow the creation of a more fleshed out project, incorporating additional story, levels, and enemies, though the first two to be revealed will provide additional weapons and enemy characters, unlocking at $20,000 and $30,000 respectively.

Dolmen appears to draw inspiration from a number of well-respected sources, including Dead Space, Dark Souls, and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

All backers will receive a key to access the alpha version of the game after the conclusion of the campaign should the game reach its funding goal, with the final version of the title expected to arrive in November 2019.

Massive Work Studio has been kind enough to provide OnlySP with a number of exclusive screenshots and videos showing off some of the environments and combat mechanics set to be included in Dolmen, so stay tuned for a glimpse of those.

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Damien Lawardorn
Damien Lawardorn is an aspiring novelist, journalist, and essayist. His goal in writing is to inspire readers to engage and think, rather than simply consume and enjoy. With broad interests ranging from literature and video games to fringe science and social movements, his work tends to touch on the unexpected. Damien is the former Editor-in-Chief of OnlySP. More of his work can be found at

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