Dolmen, the third-person sci-fi action game developed Brazil-based studio Massive Work Studio, appears to link the unlikely combination of Lovecraftian horror and Steven Spielberg-inspired thrills.

Dolmen takes place in the odd sci-fi world of Revion Prime, with the player assuming the role of a crewmember who has recently awoken from a cryogenic slumber to fight against hordes of a previously-unseen alien horror called the Caniptei.

Aesthetically-speaking, the game’s costume and level design looks like a mix of Dead Space and the Geth from Mass Effect, but some more interesting influences are at play under the surface.

In a new update video, the developers spoke candidly about how their monster design is drawn from a combination of Lovecraftian mythos and the dinosaurs of Spielberg’s Jurassic Park:

Diving into more classic ‘Lovecraftian’ sources with a touch of Jurassic realism from Spielberg’s movies, we developed what would be known as the Canipteis.”

The result is a species of antagonists that look oddly eldritch, but also prehistoric in their design. The result is definitely original, which is unsurprising given the polarisation of artistic influences.

The update also comes with some concept art, as well as a short glimpse of some gameplay. In terms of combat, Dolmen contains a mix of third-person shooting and melee gameplaye, complete with a user interface ripped straight from Dark Souls.

Massive Work Studio revealed the title’s first boss, too, named “Queen Caniptei”, which ticks all the sci-fi horror boxes. Further information can be found on Dolmen‘s Kickstarter page, with the update video embedded below.

Tonally, the project’s array of influences works in its favour, marking it as an outlier in a saturated genre. Dolmen currently sits at almost a third of $its 90,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, with a deadline of May 9. Should the campaign be successful, the game is currently targeting a late 2019 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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