Shortly after Dishonored snuck its way onto store shelves (and into critics’ hearts) late last year, there was already word that two substantial DLC expansions would be arriving for the title, albeit in early 2013. Today, it appears details for the first of those have been leaked.

The trophy list for Dishonored on now lists 10 new trophies that are part of an upcoming add-on called “The Other Side of the Coin.” You can see them below.

Based on the information given to us by the text, we can assume that this new campaign will take place in locations such as a slaughterhouse and a luxurious estate, and that you’ll once again be rewarded if you choose to play pacifist and not kill a single soul. Chaos levels are back, and the mention of an “Empress statue” hints at the possibility of this DLC taking place after the main campaign of Dishonored, since they’re probably modeled after Emily. We certainly didn’t see any statues of Empress Jessamine during the game.

Finally, it looks as if you’ll be able to purchase favors, which we can only assume as the ability to bribe certain characters, though it could be something else entirely. Check out the trophies for yourself and start making your own assumptions!

Also, be sure to check out the new forums, and stay tuned for much more news on Dishonored DLC and a possible sequel here at OnlySP.

Just Business
You got the information needed from the Rothwild Slaughterhouse
Missing Pieces
You obtained Delilah Copperspoon’s identity from Thalia Timish
Well Connected
You purchased all of the Favors in The Other Side of the Coin
No Regrets
You completed The Other Side of the Coin in High Chaos
Redemptive Path
You completed The Other Side of the Coin in Low Chaos
Whisper Ways
You completed The Other Side of the Coin without alerting anyone
Cleaner Hands
You completed The Other Side of the Coin without killing anyone
Rats and Ashes
You caused a death using an arc mine and a rat
Message from the Empress
You performed a drop assassination from atop the Empress statue
Stone Cold Heart
You spoke with the statue of Delilah in Timsh’s estate


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