Arkane Studios has teased some new Dishonored content via the game’s official Facebook page today. The teaser showed off a couple of artwork screens and the impending news of content details to come.

Dishonored was a huge hit and everyone knows this. The developers and publisher are already discussing the possibility of a sequel and its direction. But is Arkane done with Dishonored as we know?

This new content could be anything, such as an unannounced DLC pack. Or it could be the Brigmore Witches DLC, which has been circulating a bit. This one seems to be in the running for the most likely of the two. The two art pieces definitely have a witch-like feel to them. Especially the girl in the water.

We will find out tomorrow exactly what this Dishonored news really is. Check back as we delve into the mystery content tomorrow.


Brandon Morgan
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