Former key staff from Dishonored team Arkane Studios have joined together to create a new company, WolfEye Studios.

The two people in charge of WolfEye Studios are Raphaël Colantonio, Arkane’s former president and creative director, and Julien Roby, a former executive producer.

The studio’s first game will be announced at the Game Awards 2019 on December 12. While no firm details are available at present, the project will follow Arkane’s legacy in attempting to provide a high degree of player agency within a rich world.

“After taking some time off, and consulting for a variety of video games companies, I’m ready for a new adventure,” said Colantonio, president and creative director of WolfEye. “The AAA market is risk-averse and innovation suffers from it. As a Game Designer, I’ve been wanting to try new ideas and approaches and I believe the Independent games are in the best space to do so.”

Roby, the CEO and executive producer of WolfEye, added, “It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to work together again with Raf, being able to build the kind of unique & deep games we love to play.”

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