Looking at Steam reviews for Dishonored 2 will draw you a crazy picture of the game. It appears poorly optimized on PC with frame rates are all over the place (depressing the overall scores), but I didn’t read one review criticizing game play. Well, if you can’t wait for the bugs to get worked out of the system there is a discount incentive to buy at select PC gaming retailers. We think given the performance impact, third party retailers will continue to discount the game in the near future to drive sales.

GMG and DLGamer are leading the pack in the US with a 20% drop to $47.99. Steam keys are shipped instantly so you can begin downloading right after purchase (32.2GB).

GamesPlanet is another retailer gem to pay attention to. Their target market is the UK and they only show prices in British Pounds, however you can buy world wide. If you were to buy in the US after currency conversion you’re looking at about a $43.30 purchase – or a massive 28% off.

All the above retailers are fully authorized by Bethesda. This means if you pre-order before tomorrow’s official release you’ll get the pre-order bonuses. Included with the game is the Dishonored: Definitive Edition which is great if you haven’t played the first installment or all of its DLC (definitive edition contains all the original games DLC expansions). The other pre-order bonus is the Imperial Assassin’s Pack, which gets you several DLC perks including in-game cash.

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