With the next-gen era almost upon us, Matt Bianucci, Simon Squire and myself discuss what next-gen games we can’t wait to get our hands on!

Nathan Hughes: So to kick things off, let’s start the discussion about the PS4 for now. What games from the PS4 are on your “must buy” list?

Matt Bianucci: I’m really looking forward to the first-party exclusives. At launch, Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Then infamous: Second Son and The Order next year.

Nathan Hughes: Have you always been a Killzone fan?

Matt Bianucci: I actually haven’t played a Killzone game before, but I’ve heard about them and I’ve seen a bunch of gameplay from E3 and Gamescom and such from Shadow Fall, so I’ve become excited for it. And I like that it’s a new start for the series, so I don’t have to play the previous games to understand it.

Nathan Hughes: There’s been some really impressive footage of the game from trailers to game videos. However, the previous Killzone was very boring. Killzone 3 looked great but it was just dull to play! The multi-player was fun however. I’m glad to see Shadow Fall looks like a massive step up. I’m excited for it.

Matt Bianucci: What games are you looking forward to for PS4?

Nathan Hughes: Hmmm. Well, I WAS looking forward to Watch_Dogs for launch. But that’s not happening until Spring. And I WAS looking forward to nabbing Drive Club. But that’s not happening until next year either.. Basically, what I really wanted to play has been delayed until next year hence why I’m not getting a PS4 until the holiday season. Let the games library build up a bit and enjoy them come Christmas. While I think the PS4 launch exclusives are neat and all, what I like isn’t coming until 2014. Simple as!

Matt Bianucci: The games library will be fairly large by the holidays, with something like 33 launch games and a bunch more after launch. The launch will obviously be crazy, and then everything speeds back up in February with Infamous.

Nathan Hughes: I keep forgetting about PS Plus. I wonder how the game collection will work out when PS4 rolls around?

Matt Bianucci: Well, members get Resogun and Contrast at launch.

Nathan Hughes: Will we still get 2 PS3 games, 2 Vita and then a new PS4 or will it be be 1 PS3 game, 2 Vita and 1 PS4? I’m curious.

Matt Bianucci: Sony announced the November PS Plus games, and there are a bunch of PS3 games, but I bet it’ll start being mostly PS4 when next year rolls around.

Nathan Hughes: Sounds good ! So, is there any current gen game you’ve held off buying in favour of its next-gen version? I know I’ve a few. Any interest in the next-gen versions of say BF4, AC4, FIFA 14 etc.? Also, let’s not forget Injustice GOTY edition is coming to PS4!

Matt Bianucci: Not at the moment. I might pick them up after a price drop, but they’re not a priority.

Nathan Hughes: Let’s talk indie games. Anything from the PS4 indie side jumping out at you? Resogun looks pretty great! Very colorful.

Matt Bianucci: Yeah, my two most anticipated ones (other than Octodad of course) are free for PS Plus. Stroke of luck right there!

Nathan Hughes: So, unannounced games? What are you hoping to be announced for PS4, Matt?

Matt Bianucci: First and foremost, Uncharted 4. And I have the strangest sense that it’ll be announced at a Spike event this year. I thought it would be the VGAs, given that that’s where Naughty Dog has announced their past 2 games, but apparently Spike is also holding a PS4 launch party with announcements, so it could also be announced there.

Nathan Hughes: I hope for a Demon Souls 2 reveal. Some rumours point to a possible exclusive release for next-gen for PS4. On top of this, let’s hope for a Resistance sequel. The game series could blow us away for next-gen. I gotta say, I’m actually very excited about the PS4 and even if the game I wanted were delayed. We may have a somewhat limited release in comparison to Xbox One but the best is yet to come!

Matt Bianucci: I’m extremely excited for the launch. Just opening the box for the first time will be amazing. Plus all the games, launch and beyond.. It’s all very exciting.

Nathan Hughes: I think it’s time to turn our discussion to the Xbox One now. Simon, you’re very excited for the release! You even pre-ordered the console! What games are you looking forward to for Xbox One?

Simon Squire: Well I’ll start with the ones I am picking up at the midnight launch. I’m massively interested in Forza 5, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and now that I’m getting it for free I’ve been kinda getting excited for Killer Instinct. Aside from that, the game I am most interested in is Ryse: Son of Rome.

Nathan Hughes: The Xbox One exclusive line up is very impressive.. I do like the look of Forza 5, it’s kinda of been a tradition for me to purchase a racer with a new console! Assassin’s Creed Black Flag looks great, this console and next! The graphics leap is very noticeable for next-gen Black Flag.

Simon Squire: Black Flag on the 360 is pretty phenominal and I’ll elaborate on that with my review coming out this weekend. One thing I am really looking forward too is the draw distance on next gen as well as the smooth framerate, both of which I have been told are quite a sight As for Forza, I’ve been watching gameplay comparison vids over the past few weeks in Anticipation and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed at the difference a few years makes.

Nathan Hughes: Now, what about further on down the line? Any Xbox 1 exclusives that are really grabbing your attention?

Simon Squire: Hmmm exclusives…

Nathan Hughes: Titanfall ? Nothing you’d be interested in?

Simon Squire: Titanfall didn’t have my attention at first. I might have judged a book by its cover. When I first heard who it was developed by and listened to the first impressions to me it sounded like Call of Duty multiplayer but with robots. Call of Duty‘s multiplayer never really impressed me. However now that I’ve actually sat down and watched some vids, it’s turning into something I’m looking forward to. The first time I saw someone jump from a building and hijack a mech I lost my mind. It was amazing What really has my attention is Project Spark though. They idea of creating new worlds seamlessly using Xbox and Smartglass is too awesome to ignore.

Nathan Hughes: I’ve heard the phrase “Call Of Duty Killer” so many times but with regards to “Titanfall“, it really does sound true. I don’t mind Call Of Duty as it’s like an arcade shooter to me where you die fast and kill fast but with Titanfall, you get a huge new element thrown into the mix which I can certainly get behind. Titanfall sounds like the new flavor we’ve been looking for in shooters.

Simon Squire: Yup and as a soldier in my country’s army I’ll never have to worry about kids trying to compare my job to Titanfall haha

Nathan Hughes: Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve not really research Project Spark that much. What is so appealing about it?

Simon Squire: As for Project Spark, I’m going to use this description from it’s Wikipedia page to explain it as it pretty much hits the nail right on the head.

Project Spark is a digital canvas which can be used to make games, movies and other experiences. A player can download other user-generated content, remix that content or create content of her own. A player can use the Xbox controller, keyboard and mouse, touch-devices, Kinect and SmartGlass to build experiences. Kinect can be used to animate models and record audio. The created environments can contain mountains, rivers, and towns. The player can also create events, like inter-character battles.Created Items and objects are able to be shared with other players. If you get a chance check out the E3 videos talking about it. It’s quite the sight.

Nathan Hughes: So, what non-exclusive next-gen game has your interest? Watch_Dogs? Dark Souls 2? Witcher 3?

Simon Squire: Definitely Watch_Dogs. Don’t tell anyone (aside from the readers oops) but I’m hoping it’s going to be my Assassin’s Creed killer. I just realised that two weeks from today I will be playing my Xbox One!!! And hopefully will have good things to say about Kinect Fitness shortly after It’s all very exciting!I’m hoping that it will be beneficial to my career to have a fitness game that I can add to my employment fitness requirements. We’ve definitely come a long way since the Xbox 180 this summer.

Nathan Hughes: I’m waiting until Christmas but the excitement on the Internet for next-gen is extremely palpable! It’s amazing how far games have come that it can benefit you in real life.

Simon Squire: For next-gen, I know I’ll be picking up Battlefield 4 but aside from that I am likely going to adopt a wait and see attitude. Kinda watch the horizon.

Nathan Hughes: So what are you excited for next-gen games? Are you hoping for any surprise announcements?

Simon Squire: Next gen games that I hope to see are Battlefront 3, I’m stoked at the prospect of a new Mass Effect coming up on the horizon. I’m hoping that Disney will tell us that they lied and that a studio is almost done Star Wars 1313.

Nathan Hughes: What I would LOVE to see in the future is a 3rd entry in the Knights of the Old Republic games. I don’t mean that MMO stuff either. I mean a TRUE sequel. Basically Lucas and Bioware are my two biggest hopes in terms of new stuff in the future. I am excited to play Dragon Age 3 also!

Simon Squire: As for a surprise announcement. I’d love to see Fallout 4 announced at this years VGA’s. Or something from Bethesda in the Fallout/Elder Scrolls single player experience category

Nathan Hughes: Damn. Don’t even get me started. I’m dying for some Fallout news. I reckon we won’t see much Elder Scrolls news beside Elder Scrolls Online but you never know! All I know is that I’m incredibly excited for all the surprises for next-gen. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

So there you have it! We are very excited about the next-generation of gaming and it certainly shows. Got anything to add to the discussion? Let us know what next-gen game you’re looking forward to in the comments below and we’ll see you soon!

Nathan Hughes
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