Discuss This is a series in which some of OnlySP’s writers get together to discuss a certain topic. Today, we’re discussing whether or not the Uncharted series should cut out its multiplayer mode to become a single player only game. Nathan Hughes and I each have an opinion, and we will try to convince you why we think Uncharted should or shouldn’t be a single player only game.

Matt – I think that multiplayer is a vital part to the Uncharted experience. Of course, the Uncharted series will always be about its single player story, but the multiplayer component is a nice way to spend some time if you either have already beaten the story before or just don’t want to play the campaign at that moment. There is something about combining some iconic set pieces from the story with the excitement of an online multiplayer match that makes for some great fun in the overall Uncharted gameplay experience. There are some changes that do need to be made for it to improve from Uncharted 3, but I think the multiplayer aspect of Uncharted should not be cut out for the Uncharted series.

Nathan – I think the multiplayer in Uncharted is fine but seeing how much works is put into it makes me think how much better the game could have been if there wasn’t as much development on it. Uncharted 2 and 3 had a monumental amount of work done in both singleplayer and multiplayer, but if you could combine both efforts for both modes and put that focus solely on the single player experience, it could have made one of the PS3’s best game series even better.

Matt – Uncharted’s multiplayer experience has not always been perfect. At its beginning in Uncharted 2, it was a first for developer Naughty Dog, which meant that there were many improvements to be made to the formula. Many of these were fixed with Uncharted 3, as boosters and perks as well as overall gameplay were improved upon so that the experience was more rewarding throughout every game. There is still room to improve here, though. There is still more room for perks and customization, and Uncharted’s gameplay has never been perfect; although I am confident Naughty Dog will improve this in the PlayStation 4’s iteration of the game.


Nathan – I think multiplayer is not Naughty Dog’s strong suit, at least where Uncharted is concerned. A lot of the gameplay and progression XP system are straight-up clones of popular games so the multiplayer feels like a Call Of Duty/Gears Of War hybrid. I’m not saying that the multiplayer is bad by any means, but a lot of other series do it way better. Uncharted’s multiplayer component is a grind for items with predictable modes that leave the act of unlocking everything feeling like a chore more so than an actual challenge. With such a high standard always set by the singleplayer component, Uncharted’s multiplayer simply feels adequate when it ought to reach the same standards of action and fun as its campaign mode.

Matt – Naughty Dog’s latest release, The Last of Us, had a terrific multiplayer mode that combined the core gameplay elements of the game – survival, gathering supplies, and stealth – with the shooting aspects that they had done in the Uncharted games. While Uncharted is mainly an over-the-top shooter type of game, I would personally like to see some additional gameplay motives as The Last of Us did, as well as some new game modes, which would make for more team-based matches that are overall more intense and, in my opinion, more fun.

Nathan – I will definitely stand by The Last of Us and its surprising multiplayer; however, the reason why it was so much fun was because it did a lot of things extremely well and uniquely. It felt natural to the single player game world and adopted a lot of the slow gameplay that helped create a tenser experience rather than the run-and-gun tactics of Uncharted. The other area it excelled at was making each match feel pivotal by utilizing a mini-game of tending to survivors with the experience and loot you gathered from matches. The Last Of Us did something different with its MP; it was slow, tense and felt consistent with the game world. Uncharted suffers from being too much like every other multiplayer game and not forging its own identity.

Matt – Multiplayer should also be present in the next installment of Uncharted as a motive for replayability. The multiplayer is fun, but it also provides a reason for players who have already beaten the main story to come back to the game for more, instead of just putting the game away forever once they beat the story once. Plus, where there is multiplayer, there is opportunity. Once the story is finished, it’s finished; but, the multiplayer can always be added upon with new modes and maps.


Nathan – Once the story is done, that’s where the fun in completing all the challenges comes in. Every Uncharted is filled with unlockable goodies, challenges, and of course, trophies to keep you replaying the game. On top of that, you can wear fun costumes that are so ridiculous but hilariously entertaining.  Oh, and not to forget that huge list of treasures you can find scattered about the world.  Uncharted’s singleplayer campaign is chock full of stuff to do and you definitely get your money’s worth, regardless of a multiplayer mode.

Matt – There is much opportunity with Uncharted’s multiplayer aspect. It takes a core aspect of its gameplay and combines it with the iconic set pieces of the main story. There is so much potential in the formula, as we have seen with The Last of Us and other third person shooters, and I feel that Naughty Dog is just the developer to pull it off. The single player will always be the main aspect of Uncharted, and I don’t want that to change, as I feel Naughty Dog are the best in the industry at storytelling, but I feel that the multiplayer should not be scrapped because of how much better it has the potential to become.

Nathan – While I like the idea of having content that keeps a player checking back in to play, Uncharted’s multiplayer is, unfortunately, nothing special. It’s fun for a few rounds but suffers from being too safe and having a daunting list of unlockable clothes/weapons/perks that never beckon me to come back. While I applaud Naughty Dog’s efforts at multiplayer (The Last of Us is highlight), Uncharted hasn’t quite produced a valiant effort that warrants a return to a multiplayer mode. If the multiplayer switched it up from the same old match types and made some interesting game mechanics that blended in with the world the singleplayer game has created (like The Last of Us did), count me in. Yet, as a mainly singleplayer gamer, the potential of keeping Uncharted’s MP alive for another game does not outweigh the potential of what dropping the mode could do to enhance the single player experience.


The PlayStation 4 iteration of Uncharted was teased in November, but has not yet been completely revealed, which means we don’t yet know whether or not it will include multiplayer. Let us know in the comments what you think of Uncharted’s multiplayer component.


Matt Bianucci
Loves to play all types of games, especially single player games. There are few games Matt won’t play. While he is new to the games journalism industry, he loves to write, talk and play games. He loves to share his opinions with the world through his editorials and reviews. He is PlayStation focused, writing reviews and news about the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and everything else PlayStation. Matt is currently a student based in the United States

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    1. multiplayer has got to stay I loved playing with and against my friends on U3. I also played alot of the multiplayer modes before I completed the story mode on U3 so for me it has too stay

    2. I will say right now if they dont include Multiplayer on it I will NOT buy it. I dont care how good the storyline is, multiplayer is what keeps the game long lived.

    3. Normally I spit upon multiplayer modes as if they shagged my mom, but honestly, I liked Uncharted’s multiplayer, especially 2’s. The light parkour/climbing added a breath of uniqueness and unpredictability to matches, and I felt the weapons and map design were pretty tight as well.

      Granted, I still didn’t play all that much of it, since I’m a single-player at heart. But I think if a dev puts enough effort into crafting some sort of identity for their multiplayer, I have nothing against it. I certainly can’t blame the overriding philosophy; they want to give people a reason to keep the game so as to prevent them from trading it in, and I guess it works if done well.

      I mean, I have no clue why you’d trade in a single-player game you like, since their is such a thing as replaying something you enjoy. It’s what I do, BUUUUT HEEEEY, maybe I’m just crazy!

    4. Personally I’d say yea they should drop it. Haven’t enjoyed the MP in either of the titles that included it. Sony needs to come out with a definitive TPS MP exclusive that can match the popularity of Gears of War etc in my opinion. Love the campaigns in Uncharted though and happy that MP didn’t affect either of them when it was developed, so more value to the game if they do keep it, which they most likely will.

    5. I never play multiplayer. Kinda why I like this site where I don’t have to sift through all the news on MP-games. If I’m being completely selfish I’d say yes, cut it.

      Objectively, they need to look at the numbers of previous entries and see if it’s worth the extra cost and development time. That’s what Bethesda did with Wolfenstein TNO and 4A with Metro LL.

    6. I’m a single player gamer first and foremost, but the Uncharted series is one of the few where I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time with the multiplayer portion. I enjoy it, but I preferred Uncharted 2 multiplayer to Uncharted 3 multiplayer. The thing that I didn’t understand about Uncharted 3 was the inability alter the game mode after you completed the campaign and play through with whatever weapon(s) you prefer. I had so much fun in Uncharted 2 playing through the campaign with the grenade launcher, or only a pistol….bring that back please, let us alter the game mode once the campaign is completed.

    7. Oh god no don’t drop multiplayer. Naughty Dog has already proved adding multiplayer to a game does not cut out the experience in singleplayer such as The Last of Us and Uncharted 3. I’ve had WAY to much fun on the Uncharted 3 multiplayer. And the Last of Us multiplayer seems good as well, even though I haven’t played it yet.

    8. Oh, definite NO to cutting multiplayer. At the end of the day, Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us both proved that single-player focused games can still provide a thrilling, fresh online multiplayer experience, and I played the Uncharted 3 multiplayer for a solid year after I had finished the main story. What Naughty Dog needs to do this time around, however, is make it take a backseat to the single-player, development-wise. With Uncharted 3, it feels like a good chunk of the energy and creativity that went into it’s legendary predecessor’s single-player mode was pumped into the multiplayer instead, and as a result the single-player in Uncharted 3 didn’t seem (to me) to have the same ‘buzz’ as the previous game and just barely kept it from reaching that ‘legendary’ status that Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us reached with ease.

    9. “Oh god no don’t drop multiplayer.”

      “I will say right now if they dont include Multiplayer on it I will NOT buy it.”

      “Oh, definite NO to cutting multiplayer.”

      Haha, calm down, guys! :D

      1. You say that as though we’re all like the one guy threatening to not buy the game if they cut multiplayer. If ND erase all traces of multiplayer in the next Uncharted, I’ll still buy it because I love the series and the characters in it, and want to support Naughty Dog since I truly believe they were the best developers of the previous gen and I want their success to continue.

        What I’m saying is that the multiplayer is the reason Uncharted 3 kept me coming back for a year, and constantly kept me and many others on the hype train for the next Uncharted. It seems counter-productive for them to cut it now, but if they do, it won’t affect my purchasing the game.

    10. nobody will buy uncharted 4 if they take out the multiplayer

    11. Keep it ( last of us) greatest mp ever!!

    12. are you fucking serious numbnuts nathan? the mp in uncharted is the only place where people who like shooters but hate the horrible and out-dated first person perspective can enjoy a great multiplayer experience. fps games are frustrating and totally lacking any fun which they sacrifice for realism (yawn). you cant even do simple things like look behind you quickly (not on console anyway). so stop trying to take away our only good multiplayer shooter on playstation and go and play COD with all the other fake gamers

    13. stop deleting what i say to make it look like people only want the single player

    14. Oh no, they should definitely NOT drop the MP. Although U2 was their 1st venture into multiplayer it was, in my opinion, far superior to other MPs out there at that time. I do feel that U3 became more “COD like” with the introduction of the kickbacks (some of which were just plain ridiculous). I personally think ND should go back to it’s roots rather than trying to pander to the COD/zombie kids. It’s an action/adventure game so please keep it in that genre and not the mass produced, same old, tired rubbish that other companies are churning out. ND are learning fast on the MP side and since this will (hopefully) be the next release after TLOU i’m sure we can expect far greater things to come in MP and CO-OP.

    15. a side story co-op that takes us to different events in drake’s life

      more like DLC Chapters

      1) the devil explorer – young nathan drake (already mentioned in U3)
      2) sully & young drake adventures
      3) elena & drake
      4) cold war between Chloe & drake

      and many more so that we could know the story behind each characters

      1. I’m all for this. Could deliver some great campaigns.

    16. UC is a SP game. I hate the tacked on MP just to keep the kiddies happy. There is no argument that can be made that spending time & money on MP does not take away from the SP experience. That time & $ could be spent making more levels, polishing gameplay, or just releasing the game earlier. I tried the MP on UC2. It was as dull as MP always is. Only a child with limited money wants long games for the sake of it. I’d rather just have the best SP experience possible and play it over & over. If you want a repetitive MP experience, buy Evolve or CoD.

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