Disco Elysium

The developer behind Disco Elysium has confirmed that the studio is planning to port the detective RPG to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020.

In an interview with Escapist Magazine, ZA/UM’s lead designer, Robert Kurvitz, expressed that he wants to deliver the game to as many people as possible, and the studio is currently working on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports.

“The immediate plan […] is to get Disco Elysium to as many people as possible. We’re going to port it next year to PlayStation and Xbox,” Kurvitz said. “We think it really is going to lend itself very well to console play because you don’t need to go over minute tactics and use a mouse, because it’s very narrative in its nature.”

The title allows players to take on the role of an alcoholic, partially amnesiac cop tasked with solving a murder in the fictional city of Revachol. Disco Elysium forgoes combat in favor of mostly dialogue and skill checks.

OnlySP’s Rebecca Hills-Duty reviewed Disco Elysium earlier this month, scoring it a Distinction, and said, “Disco Elysium is a very strange game, deeply cerebral almost to the point of pretentiousness, but it’s periodic dips into both surrealism and self-deprecation save it from being too hipster to endure.”

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