In an interview with GamingBolt, lead engine programmer on The Witcher 3, Balazs Torok, discussed the impending release of DirectX12 to the Xbox One.

I think there is a lot of confusion around what and why DX12 will improve. Most games out there can’t go 1080p because the additional load on the shading units would be too much. For all these games DX12 is not going to change anything. 

They might be able to push more triangles to the GPU but they are not going to be able to shade them, which defeats the purpose. To answer the first question, I think we will see a change in the way graphics programmers will think about their pipelines and this will result in much better systems hopefully.

This may be disappointing news to gamers sick of resolution controversies, but I’m sure with time, as developers become more familiar with the complex architecture of the Xbox One, cross platform parity will be achieved in all aspects of a game. For more on The Witcher 3, Xbox One and everything else to do with single player games, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: IGN via GamingBolt


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  1. Every new generation is the same. It takes at least 12 -18 months for serious graphical improvements to be seen. What we are seeing is that improvements in graphics are now getting smaller and smaller as we edge towards photo realism so the differences between games on one generation to the next are getting smaller. There is no longer an instant wow factor when we see a next gen game

    1. Agreed.

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