A game that I’ve had my eyes on for a few months now has just gotten a lot more exciting.

Dinosaur games are few and far between and as of late, most that have been released are multiplayer titles that pit you against player controlled beasts. One game in particular, The Stomping Land, which is being developed by SuperCrit was originally touted as a multiplayer survival title with no offline single player component. However, that is no longer the case.

As I looked at the game’s store page today on Steam, I noticed an option for single player had been added. I immediately emailed the developers of the game asking what that meant for the game. The public relations manager for The Stomping Land replied to me saying, “Players can play in an offline single player mode if they choose.” I’ll be getting back in touch with the developers as soon as I can to learn more about the differences players will encounter if they so choose to play an offline version of the game.

Since this is our first time covering the game, below you will find the official description of what exactly The Stomping Land is all about along with the latest trailer for the game.

Players assume the role of a tribal hunter with basic survival needs such as hunger and thirst. Using resources gathered from the environment, hunters can upgrade their core items, build campsites, and set traps to aid them in their hunt. Successful hunters will discover the ability to tame dinosaurs to use as mounts and other advantages.

Dinosaurs naturally roam the island on their own, looking for food, traveling in packs, and trying to survive just like the hunters. Most dinosaurs are too big or strong to take any damage from a hunter’s bow. So in order to kill or tame them, a hunter must first bring the dinosaur to the ground. Once a dinosaur is down, a hunter can kill the dinosaur for food and resources, or feed the dinosaur to gain it’s trust and use as a mount.

We’ll be sure to provide you with a look at the game through our Youtube channel and our writing so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest on The Stomping Land.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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