As expected, today was chock full of news from Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement. While all the hardware specs and social features of the PS4 are getting a lot of attention, there was one particular item that really caught my attention: Capcom’s reveal of their Panta Rhei next-gen engine.

Undoubtedly, it was tear-jerkingly beautiful, and has already stirred up discussions over whether or not all of the content was in-engine.  All that tech business aside, it looks like Capcom may have dropped a few hints for us to mull over.  In case you missed it, check out the Panta Rhei demo below, preferably in 1080p to give your eyes a treat!

To demonstrate their game engine’s performance, Capcom used assets from a work-in-progress that is codenamed Deep Down. It features the usual medieval fantasy RPG elements: armored knights, flashing swords, a fire-breathing dragon, and so on. Now, let me think. Does Capcom have any medieval fantasy RPGs trotting around their stable? Last year’s Dragon’s Dogma most certainly fits the bill, and Capcom has already stated that a sequel is planned.

So, what exactly was it about the Panta Rhei demo that hinted at it possibly being a Dragon’s Dogma sequel? Some of the more obvious elements were the medieval fantasy theme and the dragon. Those are a bit hard to miss. Another of the seemingly more apparent hints is the fact that the game that was demonstrated was codenamed Deep Down. Dragon’s Dogma. Deep Down. The double-d similarities between the names may seem a bit too obvious, but it’s hard not to make the connection.

Beyond simply starting with the same letters, as a name Deep Down also indicates a possible sequel to Dragon’s Dogma in a more meaningful reference to the plot of the game. Dark Arisen, the add-on content to Dragon’s Dogma that will be released this April, tasks players with journeying underground in search of new foes. A full-fledged sequel could require players to go further underground. Perhaps deep down into the ground. See what I did there?

In addition, the demo shows a player recruit a partner to help take down the beast.  If you’ve played Dragon’s Dogma, you know how much of a focus is placed on using pawns, dynamic NPC companions, throughout the game.  Could this be the co-op Dragon’s Dogma that fans have been asking for?  Deep Down was described as a new IP, but perhaps it is set in the same universe as Dragon’s Dogma.  

I’ll admit to being a rabid fan of Dragon’s Dogma, so perhaps I’m reading too much into these details. However, knowing that Dragon’s Dogma is one of Capcom’s newest blockbuster franchises, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them unleash a sequel in time for next-gen console launches. I’ve got my fingers crossed, hoping that to be the case. In the meantime, here are a few GIFs to drool over.  Enjoy!




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