Diablo IV

Diablo IV will feature over 100 villages with interactive NPCs, allowing players to experience a grounded narrative.

At a BlizzCon 2019 panel attended by WCCFTech, creative director Sebastian Stępień explained that the fourth instalment in the dark fantasy series will have a more grounded story than its predecessor. The focus in the campaign will be on townsfolk from villages throughout the open-world landscapes.

Stępień said that Diablo IV will contain the series’s iconic dark characteristics and themes. However, the narrative will depart from the established norm by adding new narrative layers through interactive NPCs.

We want to bring back this very very specific vibe that makes Diablo unique and it’s not only about darkness, so this is very, very important for us because it impacts almost every layer of the game, every aspect. The first thing is the story. We want to make a much more grounded story [in Diablo IV] than in Diablo III. And we think that the best way to deliver this story is to give you a possibility to discover stories of simple folks.

Stępień also confirmed the game’s open-world will have “over 100 villages or places like this.” Players will be able to talk to a variety of NPCs to experience their way of life, thus acquiring a narrative from countless simple stories, rather than epic ones.

“We would like to focus on those simple stories […] so it’s not about big heroes, it’s not about politics, kings, or any other high fantasy themes.”

Blizzard revealed more information about the game’s starting five classes, skill tree system, and much more during BlizzCon 2019.

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