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Throughout BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard gave fans an extensive look at the features coming to Diablo IV.

The overview, published on the Blizzard website, shares all the details announced during the event including classes, locations, and bosses. Blizzard also answers several questions not mentioned at BlizzCon.

Diablo IV will launch with five playable classes, with the first three revealed as the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid. The Barbarian utilises an arsenal system that allows them to switch between four different weapon types on the fly.

The Sorceress is described as “fragile but destructive,” and can harness fire, cold, and lightning magic. Cold damage will also build up over time, which increases damage and affects more targets.

Lastly of the announced classes is the shape-shifting Druid. Take control of nature, as the Druid can conjure storms of all kinds before transforming into a variety of beasts.

Skill points and talent trees make a return in Diablo IV, as well as a permanent character progression system. Players earn skill points by levelling up or by finding rare tomes to be used on a wealth of abilities.

Each class also has a talent tree, which essentially acts as a subclass system.

By choosing to specialise in some places, players sacrifice improving the stats of other abilities. Blizzard clarifies that specialising in one ability set does not prevent the player from using the other talents.

Legendary powers can also be assigned to a particular skill to create a number of different outcomes.

Blizzard uses the Teleport ability as an example. When a legendary power is equipped, it alters the spell’s properties. Teleport can be altered to remove the cooldown, but transport in a random location or inflict damage upon arrival.

Diablo IV’s new open-world features five unique landscapes to explore, each with world events and region-specific monsters. The five locations can be seamlessly explored in any order and at any time.

Each of the regions can be played in cooperatively or in a more solo-optimised playthrough. Players can hop between co-op and single-player, as Diablo IV syncs the player’s stats with the party leader. The open world is naturally a social experience, with the possibility of running into other player parties. Several areas of the map will be locked due to campaign progression—however, world events can be completed in organic multiplayer.

The dungeon levels available in Diablo IV will act separately to the main world and will comprise of several instances.

Traditionally, the dungeons will remain a randomised experience, each with their own dungeon objectives. Players can also access Keyed Dungeons after finding a unique key out in the open world. The key can then be used to upgrade an ordinary dungeon into a much tougher one, yielding greater rewards.

Enemies are also affected by the landscape with the newly-introduced monster families.

Monster will now be based around a specific theme or location. Blizzard uses The Drowned as a prime example of a region-specific monster, found only along the coast. Each monster family will have several monster types within them to spice up combat.

The loot system has been overall simplified, with a larger focus being placed on attack and defence stats. Some items can still affect the stats of certain talents—however, these effects are not necessarily calculated numerically.

To explore the full FAQ by Blizzard, check out the Diablo IV Feature Overview on Blizzard’s website.

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