Devil May Cry 5

The recently announced Devil May Cry 5 is apparently removing animation skips for move cancelling to facilitate its photorealistic style.

According to a Famitsu feature with the game’s key developers (translated by Siliconera), one of the hallmarks of the newest, and reportedly final, entry of the long-running action series will be the visuals, with the team scanning both people and clothing to prioritise its realism. However, a key feature of previous entries, the ability to cancel moves, has been reworked.

The translation leaves room for interpretation, but suggests that, while the ability to cancel and alter moves on the fly will remain, animations will always play out in full before the new input is recognised. This change implies that responsiveness may be affected, but the team is aiming for a constant 60 frame-per-second refresh rate (as with previous entries, DmC: Devil may Cry notwithstanding) and to ensure the action is as slick as ever.

The decision to alter this mechanic is motivated by a desire to avoid what Capcom terms ‘the uncanny valley of action,’ which may otherwise make movements appear strange.

Devil May Cry 5 is expected to be playable at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne next month, so hands-on impressions on the effects of these changes should be expected very soon. The full post includes a handful of further details, including additional information on the narrative, and hints at a novel background music system.

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