Technological advancements and the birth of the smartphone have led to a wave of new mobile gamers.

The convenience of the mobile gaming industry is helping to sound out consoles. For example, as a handheld device there is no constant changing of discs and games are a fraction of the price, if not free. New games are constantly available, with thousands available to download that cater to all tastes and ages.

There are even games to help toddlers learn their numbers and shapes, games to help you train your brain, games for the sporty ones among you, games for the car nuts and ones for your inner-geek.


Of course, the game doesn’t have to be an app, you can often play through your browser. With the rise in popularity, a number of platform, strategy and igaming titles are offered via this route such as MotherLoad, the whacky Martian digging game, or Avalon II, a fantasy based online slot at

There is no questioning the graphics of smartphone games these days – the screen resolution and HD output are faultless. However, one thing that does frustrate mobile users is the poor battery life that some devices offer.

Games, both through app and browser, are known to drain battery life. And more often than not, users are unaware of this as the battery symbol is not visible whilst gaming. In addition, the short cables provided by mobile developers does little to ease that frustration as you have you to be sat less than a metre away from the plug which is often awkward for users.

Developers have taken those frustrations on board and gamers won’t have to put up with power hungry devices or ridiculously short chargers any more. You will soon be able to play as many games as you like, to your heart’s content without the worry of your device losing power. The emergence of redesigned batteries, such as the Lithium-Oxygen ‘Super Battery’ and re-optimised software are set to offer mobile devices longer running time.

If the device does happen to run of battery, however, don’t fear as there are new charging innovations. Solar charging panels are already well established in the market, but innovations in wireless and Bluetooth technology are paving the way for the future of mobile charging. Soon, prehistoric metre wires, or wires in general for that matter, will be a thing of the past.

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