In a recent developer diary video, Anshar Studios provides screenshots and insight into Low City, where upcoming cyberpunk RPG Gamedec takes place.

Gamedec is an isometric, adaptive cyberpunk RPG where players embody the role of a private investigator to solve virtual crimes that occur in Warsaw City.

The game contains no combat or quests. Instead, players will have to “solve through interrogation, hacking, and following the evidence until you’re ready to come to a conclusion,” according to an interview by PC Gamer.

Commentary on one of the levels, Low City, was provided in a recent developer diary.

In the video, executive producer Łukasz Hacura and author of the Gamedec book series Marcin Przybyłek discuss Low City, the game’s main level within the hub world of Warsaw City.

One of the unique features of Low City is that it exists in the ruins of Warsaw. If the player is visiting a client to begin an investigation, “you might be robbed, ripped off, or get into some bother with the local gangsters.”

With the absence of combat, there is not much the player would be able to do about this kind of interaction.

While the game does not have a precise release date yet, just a 2020 window, Steam users are currently able to add the game to their wishlist.

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