The developer of Divinity: Original Sin, arguably one of this year’s best games, Larian Studios, is expanding and has quite a bit in the works as revealed by a new blog post from the company.

According to the post, the developer has just opened up a new studio in Quebec and will be expanding its staff numbers to work on not one, but two RPGs that are currently in development at the studio. Larian Studios says that both of these games will be built off the pre-existing engine that powered Divinity: Original Sin.

Divinity: Original Sin wasn’t a perfect game obviously, and Larian studios is already working on fixing the issues that players had with the game. They hope that by fixing these errors, they will translate directly into their new projects.

Here’s what Swen Vincke of Larian Studios had to say regarding their future projects.

I need to refrain for fear of losing whatever press momentum we’ll be able to muster when we’ll announce them. But there’s one I thing I can already tell you, and it fits well with the second big thing we’re doing to improve the quality of our future offerings – both RPGs are being built on top of the D:OS engine.

You’re not going to see huge animated movies with barely interactive worlds from us in which millions of dollars go to cutscenes. Instead, you’ll see dense, highly interactive worlds where the amount of possible interactions continuously increases and your freedom to do as you want approaches that of a pen & paper RPG. That too costs a lot, but it yields gameplay which is much more up my alley and thankfully, there are a lot of you who enjoy it. As long as that is the case, we’ll keep on making games like this.

You can read the full blog post by Swen by following the link.

It’ll probably be a while before Larian announces anything regarding these projects, but based off the financial and critical success of Divinity: Original Sin, fans of RPGs have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

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  1. This is awesome news! I loved D:OS, and fully support this style of isometric play.

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