During the Sony E3 2016 press conference we got our first look at what Quantic Dream has been building with Detroit: Become Human, and I honestly have to say it’s probably the exclusive I’m looking forward to the most. Granted, I’m pretty excited about most of what Sony’s first party studios are working on.

When Heavy Rain came out–you’ve probably heard me tell this story before if you’re a regular reader here–I had no intention of playing the game. It looked interesting, but at the time it just wasn’t something I thought I’d be interested in. I ended up picking up the game for my Mom’s birthday the year it came out and hoped it would be something she might be interested in playing.

After a few days of the package sitting on the shelf starting me in the face, unopened, my curiosity piqued, and I popped it into my PS3. The game ended up being one hell of an experience and a very different one at that. I eagerly awaited Quantic Dream’s next game after that, Beyond: Two Souls, but it definitely didn’t live up to my expectations. As most critics pointed out, the story was pretty disjointed, but Ellen Page was the game’s saving grace.

Detroit: Become Human looks like a return to form for Quantic Dream. The first gameplay trailer shows off an incredible amount of different scenes that can take place based on the choices the player makes, and if you watch the PlayStation Livecast interview, there’s no clear-cut scenarios.

The game also takes place in Detroit; Michigan is my home-state, so that makes the game even more enticing, but that’s obviously not a super important detail.

What is important is that Quantic Dream seems to be returning back to their craft with a focus on the human element and story choices that really matter. No character is safe. Your choices are final and if all goes well, we’ll have a mysterious and captivating narrative to boot. Quantic Dream, I’m waiting for you to tell me more.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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