Quantic Dream’s upcoming game Detroit: Become Human will offer “three times” as many choices as the studio’s previous success story, Heavy Rain, according to the game’s director.

Speaking to GamesRadar, David Cage said that the expanded scope came from a studio-wide desire to “challenge” what the team is capable of. Cage went on to say that the amount of storyline branches in the game make it so that two people may have completely different experiences:

“If you [and another player] compare your stories of Detroit, [they] may not even have a clue what you’re talking about.”

Furthermore, Cage reiterated that the choices players have in the game will not be as simple as choosing between “good or bad. . . violent or pacifist.” Instead, players will be challenged to follow their own morality paths, though this may lead to unexpected consequences:

“You think you’re doing the right thing and it turns out to be the bad thing. Because, as we know, real life is much more complex than pushing a button and doing a simple decision. There are many consequences.”

However, players will be able to control their experience far more effectively than in previous Quantic Dream games thanks to the inclusion of a replay function, which grants the ability to revisit any previous decision and replay from that point.

Even with this new function, however, Cage encourages fans to play through the game in a linear manner first, “so that they get their very unique version of the story,” echoing sentiments that he expressed in the lead-up to Heavy Rain.

Detroit: Become Human is expected to release some time in 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4. More information on the game is available in OnlySP’s previous coverage.

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Damien Lawardorn
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