E3 is a busy time and often games are lost in the shuffle. The Talos Principle may have been one of these games, but today, Tom Jubert, a writer for Croteam, the developer behind The Talos Principle, revealed some new details about the first person puzzle game on the PlayStation Blog.

Imagine yourself playing as a robot, solving puzzles, and navigating through the past. Well this is what The Talos Principle is looking to give gamers.

In The Talos Principle, you inhabit a robot body in a digital recreation of the ancient world, and explore at the behest of an omnipresent voice in the sky.

The Talos Principle will be running on the newest Serious Engine, the same one currently being used to create Serious Sam 4. Interestingly enough, Jubert revealed that the game was actually inspired by the development process of Serious Sam 4.

The concept has its roots in experimental puzzle mechanics developed for Serious Sam 4, and shares with that game the latest iteration of the Serious engine.

No release date was announced, but the guys at Croteam are aiming to release The Talos Principle on PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac sometime this year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with The Talos Principle and all your single player gaming news.

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  1. Didn’t play this myself at E3 but saw my co-worker play it. Looks really cool!

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