State of Decay 2

As part of IGN’s month-long feature on State of Decay 2, Undead Labs, the creators and developers of the open-world survival game, have hosted a Q&A with a wealth of information for single players.

Whilst the majority of the Q&A concerned co-operative and multiplayer concerns, some details regarding the single-player elements came up. Firstly, Undead Labs reiterated that the game can be fully played offline, making a welcome change from the recent trend of online-heavy games forcing a player to go online to enjoy playing alone .

Furthermore, the developers revealed the direction the story mode would take, with State of Decay 2 taking place roughly 18 months after the events of the first game. Undead Labs was tentative to use the phrase “story mode,” instead opting to use the term “dynamic narrative.” Essentially, each player’s experience will be unique to them and the “community” of players they share a map with.

Each community will have decisions and consequences wholly tailored to it. Players will be in full control of how their particular narrative ends and whether their community will live on indefinitely or die out.

Three maps will be in the full version of the game, with each map being roughly the same size as the one from State of Decay. Each level will have a distinct theme, with each being a spin-off of the first title’s “small town Americana” design. The three maps players can encounter are “Cascade Hills, nestled at the base of the mountains; Drucker County, which is situated next to a huge gorge; and Meagher Valley, featuring pastoral farmland.”

State of Decay 2 will include over 40 different vehicles, along with vehicle upgrade kits which transform your car or truck into a specialised, apocalypse-ready vehicle of mass destruction. These kits can be found in the world, crafted at bases, or bought from in-game traders.

The original State of Decay impressed OnlySP’s Nick Calandra at release, which succeeded as a single-player experience. The sequel launches on May 22 for PC and Xbox One.

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