Valkyria Chronicles 4

Sega has been trickling out information about Valkyria Chronicles 4 since the game’s announcement last month, and the latest release focuses on the enemies and gameplay.

Coming courtesy of Famitsu magazine, the new details reveal that a recurring enemy force throughout the game will be the Imperial Science Institute Special Test Force X-0, a division created with the intention of testing a developing experimental weaponry. As may be expected, this remit means that the squad will get progressively more powerful as the story progresses, bringing new armaments to bear against Squad E.

The new Valkyria, Clymaria, is the captain of the force and uses magic, rather than the melee combat of previous Valkyria. Other key players in the force will be Kiara Rodino and Nikola Gref, while characters named Forse and Berger will act as strategic commanders. Another recurring adversary will Klaus Voltz, who captains an enemy outfit separate from the Special Test force and is determined to bring Squad E to heal.

In terms of gameplay, Valkyria Chronicles 4 will closely resemble the first game, with storybook-styled narrative progression, the ability to save downed squad members by touching them within three turns, and the ability to place units before entering a battle. However, one major new feature is the Brave system, which has the chance of providing near-death units with a special ability to either buff nearby friendly soldiers or performing a final action.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is currently scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan, while the Western release will come later in the year and add the Xbox One to the list of platforms. Check out OnlySP’s previous coverage of the game for a rundown of its story.

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