Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror—the next episodic adventure from Life is Strange developer DONTNOD—has had new information revealed about its gameplay and themes.

The new details come courtesy of the ESRB, which has listed the title with the Mature rating. The description of the game indicates that the developer will be returning to the choice-driven style that brought it considerable success with its supernatural young adult series:

“As players progress through the storyline, they interact with locals and are presented with various dialogue and action choices. Some selections result in acts of violence, recreated in Sam’s mind: a fist fight, a character shooting a man in the chest.”

This reference to the character’s mind alludes to the idea of the “mind palace” that Twin Mirror takes as its centrepiece, a space in which Sam is able to recreate the real world and imagine different scenarios that will enable him to uncover the events that led to him waking in his hometown with no memory of the night prior.

The ESRB listing also reveals that the game will include themes of drug use and underage drinking.

DONTNOD and publisher Bandai Namco have previously revealed that the player’s investigation will be confused by the appearance of an alternative version of the protagonist, referred to as The Double, who will make sidelong remarks that could either help or hinder Sam’s progress. A glimpse at this character, alongside a brief description of the “mind palace” mechanic are provided in the trailer embedded below.

The first episode of Twin Mirror, ‘Lost on Arrival’, is slated to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One at some point in 2019.

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