Destroy All Humans

Remember Destroy All Humans? Well, the unique alien-sim-cum-comedy series could be making a return at this year’s E3.

These rumours stem from THQ Nordic’s bizarre decision to host a Q&A session on 8chan, where director Reinhard Pollice, under the moniker THQN_Reinhard, appeared posted the company’s supposed line-up of games for E3 2019, one of which being Destroy All Humans. Of course, with the anonymous nature of chan-like sites, THQN_Reinhard may have been an imposter.

However, recent statements by THQ Nordic add credence to the 8chan Q&A, which state that the publisher has two announcements of older franchises, with one being a”new vision,” while the other is a “long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise.” The touch of the “galactically” adjective hints that Destroy All Humans is probably going to make a return.

The last OnlySP heard of Destroy All Humans was late 2016, where the IP was rated for PlayStation 4. Thanks for the tip, Comicbook.

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