Yesterday the long-awaited Destiny finally made its way to store shelves for $59.99. Just one day later, we’ve already spotted a $10 discount. Today Rakuten threw up the game for the PS4 and Xbox One 8th gen consoles on their eBay page for $49.99 with free shipping in the continental US.

Despite the 5 day offer duration, quantities are limited. Word from eBay is the PS4 has 350 in stock at this price while the Xbox One has 500 available. Funny enough Destiny can very much be played like a single player game given players are complaining currently of the fireteam setup and how difficult / long it takes to get grouped up with other players.

If you click through, you’ll notice the eBay seller is named “buy”. That’s the old Buy dot com eBay page. Rakuten bought them out years ago but continues to funnel sale products to that eBay store page. (Side note: Rakuten was just making waves in the news yesterday when they bought out Ebates for $1 Billion.)

Sales tax is only charged at checkout for CA, NY, IL, CT, MA, MN, MO, TN, and WA residents.

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  1. I have no friends with the game so haven’t tried to create a fire team yet… but I do like for some of the bigger missions the game auto creates a fire team out of people who also want to complete that mission… So you still get a fireteam when you need it

  2. had Destiny for $44, factory sealed, after only four days. Now it’s $40! It is an amazing site they even have Wolfenstein: The New Order for $32 brand new and loads of other great titles.

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