Despite how you might feel about Destiny, it’s a very popular game. Maybe not always for the right reasons, but there are countless people who log tons of hours into Destiny on a daily basis despite that one of the universally agreed problems with the game is that it lacks content.

Well, if a recently leaked photo is any indication, Bungie is trying to rectify the situation by releasing a massive expansion (at least compared to the recent one) titled Plague of Darkness.

Destiny Leaked Expansion

It’s blurry, but you can make out that the expansion should contain:

  • 3 new subclasses (one for each class)
  • 12 new story missions
  • 1 new Public Event
  • 1 new area to patrol
  • 6 new PvP maps
  • 1 new raid
  • 2 new weapon classes

The planned expansion is labeled to be releasing in September 2015 and the next expansion, House of Wolves, is planned for March 10th.

Also there seems to be two other smaller expansions planned after Plague of Darkness releases, so even more content will be incoming soon enough afterwards. One seems to be called Vex Void, but it’s difficult to make out. The other is called Forge of Gods.

Even though the game is fun to play and this seems more like what people would (and should) expect content wise from an expansion, do you think this is enough content to keep you in Destiny’s world a little longer? Would you return to this world if you already moved on or is this massive content drop going to be too late?

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    1. I’ve moved on and they burnt me so I won’t be paying full price for the expansions, some of which are on the original disc.

    2. I’ve moved on and would seriously have to be high to even consider reinstalling Destiny to my PS4. The thought of playing Destiny makes me ill. Unless they seriously change their exploitative use of their fan base, I am voting with my wallet and moving on.

      1. Some would argue that Destiny is much more fun while playing, high.

        1. I shouldn’t have to be baked to enjoy a game. The fact that I can’t play it sober and enjoy it as it is speaks volumes about how they’ve sucked all the fun out of it. Besides, if I ever decided to go back to my “high” school days, I can think of things much more enjoyable to do in that state than play Destiny. So I correct my statement, no reinstalling even if I was high.

    3. I’m of the mindset that, especially considering all the hype, much of this should’ve been included in the original purchase. I and my GF each paid full price for this game the day it came out. We do not feel the story content was worth the price. Especially as we’re more PVE as opposed to PVP.
      Given that we were so mislead on the original release and limited stuff we saw that came with the first DLC (not to mention, the DLC actually took content OUT of the original release), we won’t be paying for more limited content. And we’ve convinced others not to bother as well.
      Which is just disappointing because we had such high hopes for the game.

    4. Ilove some parts of the game and my character, iv’e put lots of “work” lol into building up my character and so YES I will be playing..BUT if they don’t add voice chat and other communications into the game then I will eventually leave because it’s no fun to see people and just point at them and wave, I WANT TO TALK TO EVERYONE.

    5. I am currently still playing it and enjoying it to a certain degree. It’s great when you can hook up with other players to raid etc. But I fear that my time may eventually come to an end, the repeat process is starting to wear me down, just not enough variety in the strikes etc. It’s fine throwing a few new PVP maps in there but that’s not what I bought the game for and the PVP only holds my attention for a short period of time. Disappointed to see that the alleged BIG update in September contains only 1 new raid, 1 new area to patrol and 1 public event. I would’ve liked to have seen more of them. I may keep at it but I suspect with other big games due to come out this year my interest may start to dwindle somewhat.

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