In a post on Bungie’s official website, they answered a few of Destiny‘s frequently asked questions, and revealed some new info on the game’s beta and revealed the game’s trophies /achievements.

The post officially clarified that Destiny‘s beta will start July 17 on PlayStation and “shortly thereafter” on Xbox platforms. Players will get “some good quality time” to play the beta, hinting that it will last longer than the Alpha earlier this month. Also, it has been confirmed that the Ghost dialogue from the Alpha, which many people were not happy about, has been updated and improved for the beta. Finally, the post also revealed the first screenshots from the beta, which can be seen below.

Along with all this info on the beta, the trophies and achievements for Destiny have been revealed. There are 40 shown in the list, though it may not include story-related trophies and achievements in an attempt to not spoil the story. The list can be seen below.

destiny trophies

Finally, while not officially confirmed, the post strongly hinted at a Collector’s Edition for the game that will be revealed “ahead of Beta on an auspicious date in the very near future”.

Destiny will be released on September 9 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. For everything on Destiny, follow OnlySP on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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