Regardless on which platform you want to play on, Bungie have announced that for the final weekend of the Destiny Beta, it will be open to everyone, as long as you have a PlayStation Plus (for PS4) or Xbox Live subscription.

This negates the pre-order incentive that was once the only way to access the beta, but is sure to be a great way for Bungie to give their servers a huge stress test to prepare for a smooth launch. If you haven’t played the beta, take advantage of this open access. The beta is fantastic.

Destiny launches on September 9th for PS4, Ps3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. For more on Destiny, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Bungie.Net

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  1. Downloaded
    it a couple of hours ago and playing on a PS3. I have no Plus
    subscription & it plays just fine. I believe it is free to play only
    on the PS3.

    1. Apologies, we meant that you need to have Plus to play it for PS4.

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