Destiny 2 will now allow players to execute melee finishing moves for all classes and sub-classes.

Destiny’s game director Ben Wommack revealed this new feature in the armor 2.0 patch during the new gameplay trailer at Gamescom 2019.

Wommack explained that finishing moves will only become available to kill enemies with low health. Enemies with low health will start to glow, signalling the player to rush and execute the sub-class finishing move to “finish off an enemy with a flourish.”

Wommack also confirmed that finishing moves will be available for the Hunter, Warlock and Titan classes, but also added that each sub-class will also be able to perform unique finishing moves too.

Furthermore, Wommack highlighted that there is “more things you can do with finishers aside from eliminating the enemy.” Bungie has included more RPG elements into Destiny 2 so that finishing moves can be modified by collectables.

One mod shown in the trailer shows that completing a finishing move will spawn a heavy ammo brick. Therefore, rather than just being a good-looking move, it will also serve a purpose specified to players’ loadout needs.

Community manager David Dague expressed the motivation behind adding finishing moves and mods was to allow players to fully personalise their characters to “build the perfect monster killing machine.”

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