Konami really seems to like shooting themselves in the foot. First Kojima, and now del Toro is saying the Silent Hills game isn’t going to happen.

At the San Francisco International Film Festival, Guillermo del Toro held a panel where he was asked about the upcoming Silent Hills game he and Kojima were working on together and the answer he gave probably isn’t the one you want to hear. According to a source who attended the panel, del Toro stated, “It’s not gonna happen [Silent Hills] and that breaks my greasy heart.”

This hasn’t been confirmed by Konami yet, but due to the recent shake up it’s more than likely true. It’s a shame really because the way the game was announced was received extremely well and the P.T demo, for what it was, was one scary experience.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. I do highly doubt that Konami is going to let a follow-up to one of its biggest franchises slip through the cracks. It may not happen in the capacity del Toro thought it will, but I still think it will.

    1. Another Western Silent Hill? What could possible go wrong?

      It’s been 11 years since we had a decent Silent Hill. Pretty sad.

  2. If they cancel this ill boycott MGS5 and any future title.

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