Footage from the former THQ published and 4A Games developed game by the name of Deep Six, cancelled after THQ was dissolved in 2012, has surfaced.

4A Games, the team behind the Metro first-person survival shooter series, was in charge of the Deep Six project. It was meant to be a shooter with a creative concept. In 2013, the former executive vice president of THQ, Danny Bilson, stated the following about Deep Six:

We were only working on the creative, we hadn’t started yet. It was really fresh and it has a really great concept. I think 4A was gonna do it, the team that did Metro,” Bilson said. “It was really awesome – we had lost the war of the worlds to a water-based alien planet and they’d flooded the earth so everything was underwater.

Instead of focusing on Deep Six, 4A Games went on to develop Metro: Last Light, and they were meant to go on to develop the cancelled game afterward. Danny Bilson described the game as the following:

The player started in a work camp, because they’d imprisoned all of the humans on the ocean floor in these work camps. The player finds out that they’re exterminating humans and you have to escape – and the whole game was a journey to the surface, and what you found along the way was unbelievable,” he continued. “It was creative only. A team in LA were going to do a prototype, but then 4A were gonna do that after Metro.

The released video for the Deep Six prototype shows off an underwater environment reminiscent of BioShock’s, with modern constructions and an establishment where humans are meant to live.

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Source: Reddit

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