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Deck13, the development team behind Lords of the Fallen, has plans to work on a new IP once its current work on The Surge 2 is complete.

The revelation comes from Focus Home Interactive’s annual What’s Next Le Focus event in Paris. However, no details about the project have yet been made public.

Nevertheless, Italian outlet claims that a poster at the showcase teases a first look at what could be key art. The image is confusing, possibly representing a creature blending fantasy and sci-fi aesthetics, with bestial teeth embedded in a mechanical skull being the only clearly identifiable artefacts.

While the image could be a hint towards The Surge 2, its appearance alongside a range of other currently unannounced titles—including DONTNOD’s new project—raises the likelihood of it being the new IP.

Meanwhile, The Surge 2 is reportedly set to arrive within a few months, though neither Deck13 nor Focus Home has yet locked a date down. Unlike its predecessor, this sequel takes place in a city, with verticality reportedly being one of the key tenets of the level design.

The Surge 2 is expected to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

OnlySP’s Dylan Warman reviewed The Surge on its release back in 2017, scoring it as a Credit while praising the atmosphere and combat in particular.

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