Developer Mojo Bones has released the first official trailer for its upcoming survival game, Impact Winter.

The trailer introduces players to the main character, Jacob Solomon, and his quest to keep a small band of apocalypse survivors alive for 30 days until help is promised to arrive. Impact Winter is set in the Canadian wastelands in the wake of an asteroid strike, which has plunged the world into an eternal winter.

In order to survive this scenario, players will have to make forays into the frozen wildernesses to collect supplies, as well as manage the particular specialities, moods, and morale of the other team members. While Jacob is considered an all-rounder, the other team members each possess unique skills that will prove vital to survival, from upgrading the team’s base to fashioning traps and other defences.

Thus, although the game is typically billed as a survival-adventure in a similar vein to Don’t Starve, it does fuse traditional survival elements with gameplay mechanics more commonly associated with RPGs and adventure games. In order to improve the immersion and to create unique experiences, Mojo Bones will be implementing a dynamic weather system.

The developers have announced that the game is likely to last first-time players between ten and fifteen hours, although seasoned players may be able to complete the game in half that time. Despite this, Impact Winter includes a number of underworld locations, where remnants of the old world can be found, that offer approximately twenty-three hours of exploration to enhance replayability.

Though currently without a finalised launch date, Impact Winter is scheduled for release on PC in early 2017. More details on the title can be found in OnlySP’s previous preview, the game’s Steam page, and an FAQ page created by the developers.

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Damien Lawardorn
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