Death Stranding

Death Stranding has proven to be quite the enigma, but new details are helping players wrap their heads around the game’s intricacies.

Following on from the eight-minute reveal trailer (embedded below), director Hideo Kojima tweeted details about the type of game Death Stranding is. Following the announcement of its November 8, 2019 release date, Kojima called Death Stranding “a completely new type of action game,” emphasising that both the story and gameplay are based around the theme of “strand”:

In addition, the official PlayStation site provides more specific gameplay and story details. As Sam Porter Bridges, players act as a courier attempting to “reunite a broken nation” plagued by supernatural beings in an apocalyptic world. 

One of the more interesting elements of the game is the lack of a traditional “game over” state. Rather than having their progress reset on death, players will enter “an upside-down realm” where they must find a way back to the living world. The listing also suggests that the game will offer an array of non-lethal combat options, saying that “killing your foe is almost never the solution—and every death carries a consequence.”

Shortly before the official unveiling of the game, OnlySP’s Rhain Radford-Burns detailed the pre-order bonuses for Death Stranding.

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Dimitric Edwards
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