Rocketcat Games’ insanely procedural zombie road-trip game, Death Road to Canada, got a new trailer today and “over the top” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

There’s drama. Zombies. Carnage. A man in a horse mask. A dog trying (and failing) to drive a camper…what more could you ask for really? You can check it out below (warning, there’s a bit of cinematic blood and gore. Nothing too over the top).

We first reported on Death Road to Canada when it caught our attention during the Indie Roundup here. Rocketcat Games’ unorthodox zombie title promises highly randomized insanity, touting itself as a “permadeath randomized road trip simulator.” It has pixel graphics, a retro soundtrack, and what looks like an insane amount of violence and mayhem.

Check out the trailer below and you can keep up with the game over at its website here and follow the developer on Twitter (@rocketcatgames). In the meantime, keep your eyes on OnlySP for all things single player, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP).

Brienne Gacke
Writer, journalist, teacher, pedant. Brienne's done just about anything and everything involving words and now she's hoping to use them for something she's passionate about: video games. She's been gaming since the onset of the NES era and has never looked back.

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