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Every year, developers from around the world gather in June to showcase their most secret and anticipated projects. In the months leading up to E3, gamers witness the spectacle of influencers and industry veterans discussing the rumors of what might be, further fueling their desired announcements come to life. In the spirit of fun and excitement, E3 allows for the passion of gaming to be broadcast on a world stage and recognized for its influence on the entertainment industry.

Now that the industry is approaching the eve of E3, OnlySP is counting down the days remaining in a segment we like to call ‘12 Days of E3’. Please join OnlySP in celebrating an event that can be described as Christmas for Gamers, as we come together in anticipation for E3 2019!

At E3 2018, Bethesda put on a real show. Todd Howard did not just announce games, he put on a show that got players excited. The most thrilling of these announcements were the world’s introduction to StarfieldBethesda Game Studios’s newest IPand the confirmed existence of The Elder Scrolls VI. Despite the excitement of these reveals, fans were equally disappointed to know they would have to wait quite some time before getting to play the games.

12 months on and with E3 2019 just days away, one cannot help but feel as if Bethesda showed all it had to offer in 2018. Whilst all that was shown of these new games were seconds-long teasers, they were enough to excite fans. Yet the past year has shown the community little progress toward creating these works. Hopefully, Bethesda uses this year’s presentation to showcase some actual gameplay.

A big event such as E3 presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between developers and players in the downtime between a game’s announcement and release. The conference give studios a chance to speak directly to gamers and show them why the gameplay and narratives of its titles are worthwhile. Sadly, Bethesda jumped the bridge and missed its chance to really share information with fans.

We need less tease and more finish because at some point, the excitement stops and boredom ensues, forcing players to move onto the next shiny thing that catches their attention. Bethesda created genuinely great work in the past but has become too caught up in its own stardom to see the gaming community is different now. People do not want to wait until E3 to know what the publisher’s studios are working on. Nintendo runs Directs that give regular updates to their fans in short, digestible doses when the information is ready. This concept capitalises on the social media world of the 21st century where people want information about games constantly. If players are seeing regular updates from other gaming entities, why not Bethesda?

Knowing that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI exist was exciting at the time, but now just feels like Bethesda has left itself nothing new to showcase this year. Considering the company has not revealed any new information since E3 2018 begs the question: why did it announce them at all if it were not going to do anything with them? Bethesda could have saved the excitement for 2019 and given more concrete evidence of how these games look and feel throughout the months that follow. Instead, gamers were left with nothing but false hope that they would get some news before the 2019 conference.

Bethesda E3 Showcase Tease

One can only hope that the Bethesda showcase for 2019 delivers more definitives. The charm of the publishing giant is wearing thin from the broken promises of last year. Now, players need more than hope, they need proof. Show us Elder Scrolls VI, give us a release date for Starfield. Fans are forgiving if you give them a reason to be. So, please Bethesda, do not just sell us the dream, sell us the games.

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